Pick up a copy of the

2017 March / April Hawai’i Magazine

and you will see their readers voted

U’i Gallery one of the best art galleries on Maui!!!

A dear friend brought this to our attention

all the way from Florida when he noticed it first hand…

otherwise I may not have even noticed!!!  

How special it feels to know that people who love Hawai’i

and find their way into our gallery are touched by our artwork

and our art products to be ranked so highly!

U’i Gallery was established in January 2014 by husband and wife Duke and Rachael Ray Au Hoon.  Rachael Ray art is highly collectible and being the owner of the gallery she features 90% of products in the gallery that she creates personally based on her vibrant collection of original oil paintings.  Rachael was born and raised on the island of Molokai in the 1970’s and began her art journey in high school on Maui in the early 1990’s.  Rachael and Duke met in high school and are even prom sweethearts!  After working nearly 17 years at Randy Jay Braun Gallery Rachael accomplished goals from college education to home ownership when they were finally ready to have their children.  When that time came they established the Rachael Ray Art Collection LLC dba U’i Gallery, and built their business while raising their 2 daughters mom and pop style.  Currently they are also busy parents of children in the Hawaiian Immersion Education system on Maui.

At U’i Gallery we pride ourselves in having something for everyone and every budget.

 We love having functional art that you can use and enjoy the beauty in your everyday.  

We are a hard working local Hawaiian couple and always live the Pono way – to keep life in balance by doing the right thing and by being fair.  

We love to share our culture and native language as we talk story with our customers because that is the essence of our inspiration and the focus of our lifestyle.

So we humbly display this plaque to share this accomplishment

and will continue to bring you the experience of aloha

in every thing we do and create!

E Komo Mai… please come

and see how amazing our Hawaiian gallery has grown –

completely filled up with the vibrant beauty of living aloha every where you look!

Mahalo piha Hawai’i and the World!