You may have driven by our gallery and have seen a note on the door. You may have called our gallery and the message box is full and no one is answering…for a month! That’s when the coconut wireless and social media come in!

You may have heard…our precious 3 year old daughter Kahalau has been recently diagnosed with Cancer. We are saddened and overwhelmed yet truly trying to stay positive focusing on treatment for her Stage 3 High Risk Neuroblastoma.

Kapi’olani Hospital on O’ahu is where most Hawai’i children get treatment for serious illnesses, cancer, or premature born babies. For Kahalau we were seeing her ability to walk deteriorate. One day she was back to normal and then another day she was walking like she had one too many to drink! She complained a little about tummy aches but it always seemed to be when she ate dairy based foods so we associated it with a lactose allergy as that runs in our family a little.

So a trip to Kaiser took a trip to the ER took a trip to Kaiser Moanalua via AMR air ambulance where multiple IV sedations allowed for multiple MRI and CT scans along with a spinal tap all to find this mass in her abdomen about the size of her kidney and stomach combined! We were then transferred to Kapi’olani Hospital where a biopsy was performed, PICC line, and bone marrow biopsy to determine the diagnosis. mIBG scans with multiple IV sedations were performed simultaneously with her first round of chemotherapy treatment. The mIBG scans revealed that the tumor is localized to her abdomen and has not spread into her bone or organs.

After 5 days of chemotherapy with drugs available only through this clinical study we qualified for we were discharged from the hospital and stayed at the Ronald McDonald house for 2 weeks administering Kahalau’s medicines including the Neupogen shot daily until her ANC went up to normal levels.

We have a major journey ahead and we invite you to share it with us like everything we have always represented- living aloha! Always sharing, always giving, a smile to brighten the room. That is what we carry in our hearts as we gear up to battle this cancer.

Kahalau responded well to the first round with minimal immediate side effects. Lost her appetite at the hospital but ate pretty good at home. For more detailed updates on Kahalau’s Cancer Treatment visit

We have 6 rounds of scheduled chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, and immunotherapy and stem cell treatment ahead in the first year of major targeted therapy.

Pray for Kahalau and her ‘ohana!

So yes there is a small delay in shipping your online orders at this time but with your patience and understanding you will get your orders as soon as possible. Look out for a small gift for the wait too!

Mahalo and ALOHA