Aloha School For Massage Therapy

and numerous members of the Maui community got together October 21st, 2017 and organized a special fundraiser to benefit our daughter Kahalau and her Neuroblastoma Cancer. She has a wall complete with mommy’s art in the reception room with our motto –

Never Give Up!

It is beyond words to share what they have done for her to fundraise on her behalf and the aloha and the strength they feel from her without even meeting her.

The Aloha School For Massage Therapy not only organized a massage event where all proceeds and tips were donated to Kahalau, raising over $1,500; but they also designed a benefit T Shirt commemorating her battle with cancer with the signature golden ribbon printed across the area where her Neuroblastoma is…her name displayed in precious pink against a Hawaiian design.


These shirts are only available through the Massage school and can be purchased in person in Kahului, or online until NOV 30th. All proceeds will be donated to Kahalau and her cancer fight. For more information contact Trina Kuailani at (808) 283-9045 or (808) 871-9966 also feel free to email us at


They also organized a benefit fundraiser with Hana Kine products selling ulu chips, coconut candy, and chili pepper shoyu and donating proceeds to Kahalau.

Lokomaika`i is to always act with generosity and kindness toward others.  Lokomaika`i is an extension of aloha and love.


Kahalau and our ‘Ohana feel so blessed to have shared so much lokomaika’i with all those who crossed our paths and then to see it come back to us during such a hard time gives us the support and love that we need to fuel us for the fight ahead.

I have a new website dedicated to updates on

Kahalau’s Neuroblastoma Cancer at