Category: Baby Updates

  • Cancer Benefit Night At Aloha School For Massage Therapy

    Cancer Benefit Night At Aloha School For Massage Therapy

    Aloha School For Massage Therapy and numerous members of the Maui community got together October 21st, 2017 and organized a special fundraiser to benefit our […]

  • Ho’omau 2016

    Ho’omau 2016

    We are so blessed to have our daughter in Pūnana Leo O Maui Hawaiian Language Immersion Preschool.  The school has enriched our life through the […]

  • Hawaiian Art…

    Hawaiian Art…

    U’i Gallery now offers a beautiful selection of the Mailelani’s Bag Collection! Hand made on Kaua’i, we have organizers ($18), travel organizer ($29), manapua bag […]

  • Baby Time!

    Baby Time!

    It is almost baby time! We are one week away from witnessing the miracle of creation, delivering our second daughter into this world. So blessed […]

  • Sunny Hour…

    Sunny Hour…

      What is love but a sunny hour of play! With a girl as beautiful as a flower garden… growing with spiritual joy! A personality […]

  • Where Smiles Come From…

    Where Smiles Come From…

    A smile starts on the lips, which spreads to the eyes into a good laugh bursting forth from the soul – overflowing with bubbles all […]

  • Hawaiian Hula Baby

    Hawaiian Hula Baby

    E Waiho Ka Hila Hila Ma Ka Hale… E Hula Mai! Leave your shame at home and just dance! Our little Hawaiian Hula Baby is […]

  • Crab Grip

    Crab Grip

    We met a very strong crab at the beach today! He wouldnʻt leave Honi Honiʻs shovel alone! Didnʻt seem to bother Honi Honi… She went […]

  • Sunday Morning Stroll

    Sunday Morning Stroll

    It’s the first Sunday in March and what a beautiful Maui day it is! Cool trade wind breezes tickle our skin with bright blue sky […]

  • Ukulele Girl

    Ukulele Girl

    I was making brunch in the kitchen and heard the sweet soft strums on the ukulele. I listened for a little while then turned to […]

  • Quality Time At The Kai…

    Quality Time At The Kai…

    Honi Honi just loves the kai! The second we get to the beach (kahakai) she points and pulls and moans to go play in the […]

  • The BIG First Birthday!

    The BIG First Birthday!

    A special star in my life is shining extra bright into a time we shall call THE ONES! Yes, Honi Honi had her first birthday […]