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  • Lehua Photography

    Lehua Photography

    I love to photograph lehua flowers! Their beauty is so fun to capture. This season of lehua blooms have been exceptional for our four year […]

  • Sunday Morning Stroll

    Sunday Morning Stroll

    It’s the first Sunday in March and what a beautiful Maui day it is! Cool trade wind breezes tickle our skin with bright blue sky […]

  • December 2: Blogging Is Like Taking A Nap!

    December 2:  Blogging Is Like Taking A Nap!

    I was supposed to take a nap today. Instead I find my creative spirit gravitating to my iMac to create a blog! I know all […]

  • My Favorite Season…

    My Favorite Season…

    First of all I want to say thank you so much for visiting my blog! It is a form of therapy really for me, to […]

  • Half Moon Eyes

    Half Moon Eyes

    As I sit and enjoy watching the dim light of the setting half moon, I feel Honihoni moving around. Kicking, bumping, nudging to the familiar […]

  • Raining Babies…

    Raining Babies…

    This month has been filled with baby preparations! What better way to prepare than to have a baby shower! There are many advantages to having […]

  • TOFU: American Bulldog

    TOFU:  American Bulldog

    Meet Tofu! Our delightful 9 month old pure breed American Bulldog! He is such a great puppy and the American Bulldog is an amazing breed. […]

  • Trimester 3

    Trimester 3

    I have been blessed with what I think has been a smooth pregnancy so far without nausea or morning sickness that is. I have been […]

  • August Blooms

    August Blooms

    My garden is filled with surprises this month! Some blooms start showing off early and as I wait and watch for them to finally show […]

  • Reality Check

    Reality Check

    I was washing a big bag of maternity clothes someone gave me and that is when it just hit me… OH MY GOD…WE ARE HAVING […]

  • Wrapping Up July 2011

    Wrapping Up July 2011

    I had a guy in the gallery today who couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw my artwork! Then he said, “you would be the […]

  • Blast From The Past

    Blast From The Past

    I saw an old high school classmate at Costco the other day and for the life of me I couldn’t remember her name! She knew […]