The Legend Of The Taro

19″ x 23″ Original Oil Pastel.  This painting was inspired by the taro plant, also known as kalo in Hawaiʻi, and itsʻ central role in Hawaiian mythology.  Taro is the older sibling of man so there is strong familial relationships between the plant and the people, which reinforces an environmental awareness as well.  Here depicted are the working taro farmers with the goddess Haumea looking on with her ipu (gourd drum) while in the mist rises voices carrying on the legend and story of the taro.  For the artist, who was named after a legendary Taro farmer on Molokai, this portrait holds a special place in connection with the land and its people.  “Getting to know Taro is getting to know who we are.  Taro is more than a staple of our diet; itʻs a symbol of our culture,” says Rachael.

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